I just ran across this cool recipe from Mari (at BlueberrysSmoothies.net) for these fruity smoothies, beautifully presented, packed with sunny vitamins and full of flavour.

I love Mari’s creativity – it inspires my own smoothie presentation – when I have time – and I’m sure it will yours too.

To check out the recipe – just scroll down to the next page. It’ll provide a serving of smoothies for two.

Here’s Mari’s method…

At first, I always measure the need of milk or juice by the size of the glasses or jars. These jars are 400ml each, so when making smoothies for two I pour milk until 800ml after the ingredients are in the blender can.

As you´ve seen there’s rarely an amount for plant based milk in my recipes. Also the desired texture determines the quantity of liquids you need.

I prefer to leave smoothies just a little bit thick, just because I like them better that way.

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