Shed some stomach-inches with this delicious smoothie recipe. Its based on the principle that green tea can ramp up fat burning by increasing energy expenditure when taken before or during workouts. Its cool, nutritious & creamy with some  unusual ingredients… expanding your range of healthy weight loss smoothie ideas.

With concise explanations of how the key items contribute to your good health, this is worth checking out…

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No whey! Think you’re getting too much protein? Unlikely.

A study recently published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that consuming a diet containing five and half times the Recommended Daily Allowance of protein has no effect on bodyweight, fat mass or body fat percentage.

That means eating a lot of protein won’t make you fat but lack of exercise and a poor diet will.

Sweet lychee: This prickly tropical fruit is packed with sweetness and loaded with nutrients. Blending up a shake with lychee is a great way to get your fill of vitamins B,  C and potassium.

Cuckoo for coconuts: Coconut milk gives a creamy flavor to smoothies and provides plenty of hydrating potassium as well as medium-chain fatty acids that can help boost metabolism and increase feelings of satiety. It’s also lactose-free.

Go green: Green tea contains more heath-boosting, fat-fighting catechins than any other tea around, making it a nutritional superstar for smoothies.

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