Pineapple, kiwi and orange, each delicious on it’s own, but throw them together with some healthy fats and protein and you have a super smoothie.  Kelly at EatYourselfSkinny made this tasty, tangy, refreshing smoothie which will tantalise your tastebuds. It’s filling, rich in Vitamin C, fiber and protein and all sorts of other goodness, and is only 219 calories. (The recipe is at the end of the post.)

If your mornings are rushed and you think you do not have time to waste making a smoothie, then prepare the fruits and veggies the night before, freeze the fruit, and it will be ready to just throw everything in the blender in the morning.  What could be quicker?

(If you are diabetic and wondering if this is suitable for you, then check out our post 5 Strategies for Smoothies for Diabetics and see how you can adjust this smoothie recipe to suit your needs.)

Kelly says she loves spinach in a salad … but in a drink? Here’s what she says about her smoothie recipe …

You literally cannot taste any spinach or leafy green remnant in this smoothie and it tastes super sweet without adding any additional sugar or sweetener!I was floored.This is the perfect way to get an extra dose of vegetables into your morning breakfast without even knowing they’re there.


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