Lingonberries? Not widely known, that is until Dr Oz hailed them as a great natural anti-oxidant – right up there with blueberries. Also, these delicious berries serve as a natural antibiotic and bring other health benefits too.

For me, the best thing about lingonberries is that they are beginning to appear in smoothie recipes, and although the recipes are mostly very easy to make, the berries themselves can be harder to find. (see my “tip” below…)

So here’s the first (from me anyway) lingonberry recipe to add to your list…Check out the recipe below and let me know how you like it…

Dr Oz will explain more fully…

What are Lingonberries?

Never heard of Lingonberries? Well, you’re not alone…

Dr Oz, who normally champions blueberries as the best natural anti-oxidant, has now placed Lingonberries on the same level! Lingonberries are red, tiny berries that fall in the cranberry family. Studies have concluded that these delicious berries are a natural antibiotic and are able to do several things that include:

  • Helps prevent bad cholesterol
  • Possibly fights some cancers

How To Eat Lingonberries
You can incorporate Lingonberries into your diet by simply grabbing a small bunch and munching on them all day as you would any other berry.

For the kiddies, it may be slightly more difficult to get them to eat berries, so incorporate them into a delicious treat they will love. For instance, you can smash them up and use it as a jam spread for toast and sandwiches. Add a small amount of natural sugar to sweeten them up a bit.