I wanted to clear out the refrigerator this morning so used some leftovers in my morning breakfast smoothie – and came up with a surprisingly tasty smoothie. But then I should have expected that with the ingredients I found.

I’m trying to watch the calories which means I put those little extra bits and pieces into a baggie and return them to the refrigerator instead of into my tummy-tum-tum, lol! As a result, I’ve got lots of little bags with just a few chunks of this and that.

This time there were just a few bits of mango and a little pineapple juice. I’ve usually got kefir or yogurt in there, along with some ginger tea, too. I love to leave my ginger tea for a day or two in the refrigerator before drinking it, as I like a stronger ginger flavor. (I’ll often throw in a lemon I’ve just squeezed, too.)

And, of course, a banana.

But you can add whatever you find in your refrigerator today.

Is there a formula I should follow?
You want to use a total of about a cup of fruit, which should include any juice you use, too. (I’m not suggesting a cup of fruit juice, just a total for all fruit.) The same of water, yogurt or milk. A little dried fruit to sweeten, a few nuts and some ‘greens’ – or red or orange veggies.

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