Can you ever have too many peanut butter cups? Well, maybe … but this one is healthy! A chocolate smoothie and a peanut butter smoothie swirled together to make MAGIC! Well, at least a deliciously healthy breakfast smoothie (or snack, or dessert – the choice is yours.)

This tasty smoothie comes from Lee Hersh at the FitFoodieFinds blog – get the recipe at the end. (We’ve also included a link to a comparison of peanut flour / peanut powder and the real stuff at the end, after the recipe.) In her blog post, Lee says …

I don’t know about you, but this is the most delicious-looking (and tasting!) smoothie I have ever seen. I thought I would mix two of my favorite foods, peanut butter and chocolate, together for a post-workout, high-protein smoothie.

Insert. GENIUS.

Seriously though, you HAVE to make this smoothie. It’s like drinking a peanut butter cup…but healthy for you!

This peanut butter cup smoothie is packed with protein and even has a full serving of greens in it. Best part is, it’s healthy and tastes exactly like a peanut butter cup!


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