This morning, I’ve 2 simple limeade smoothie recipes for you by SGS Rawkstar over at… Kiwi limeade smoothie and a variation with added cilantro.

But first, a word of explanation…

I like a little cilantro added to some dishes – but I didn’t know that until this morning!

According to Gordon N Hamilton:

The Latin name for the herb in question is Coriandrum sativum, from which it can easily be seen where the word “coriander” is ultimately derived. The word “cilantro” is from the Spanish translation of this word.

In India, where the herb is extremely popular in cooking, it is referred to as “dhania” (just to further confuse the issue!)

A_scene_of_Coriander_leaves.I’m from UK where “cilantro” is a word no one would recognise. US & UK – “2 nations separated by a common language”! UK recipes use “coriander” to describe the same herb – almost… We distinguish the leaves (“coriander”) from the seeds (“coriander seeds”). Whereas in US I believe “coriander” usually refers to the seeds, with “cilantro” referring to the leaves. (Let me know if I’m wrong!)

Anyway, so much for the language lesson. Like I said, I’ve a simple cilantro limeade recipe for you by SGS Rawkstar over at

First, the Kiwi recipe

KIWI LIMEADE | serves two


2 cups fresh spinach
2 cups water
2 kiwi, peeled or whole
2 cups pineapple
1 lime, peeled or juice

And now here’s the cilantro variation – 1?2 cup less spinach to make space for the cilantro

Cilantro Limeade

Cilantro is known for a variety of nutrients, but its detoxifying affects are found in its ability to bind to heavy metals and remove them from our bodies. Toxic heavy metals usually enter our body in small amounts through food, water, and anything else we consume. It is near impossible to completely avoid ingesting toxic metals, so it is important to incorporate foods that eliminate them. Cilantro’s ability to remove toxic metals and its distinct flavor are a great addition to your tangy, citrus fruit smoothies.

Cilantro Limeade | Serves 2


1 1?2 cups spinach, fresh
1?2 cup cilantro, fresh
2 cups water
3 bananas
1 lime
1 inch ginger, fresh

Final comment – some people find cilantro too bitter a flavor. If that’s you, just adjsut the proportions of cilantro and spinach to suite your taste.


Kiwi Limeade recipe – SGS Rawkstar on Facebook

Cilantro Limeade -SGS Rawkstar on

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