The banana has had a bad rap for such a long time that we all believe it. But bananas are good for you. Say it with me now, “Bananas are good for you.”

Now believe it…because, bananas are:

  • creamy, rich and sweet
  • full of vitamins and minerals (Vitamin B-6, manganese, Vitamin C, potassium to name a few)
  • good for cardiovascular health – they can block the absorption of dietary cholesterol
  • good source of fiber, some of which is soluble fiber which is associated with decreased risk of heart disease, aids digestion and moderates the impact of banana consumption on our blood sugar
  • favored among endurance athletes, keeping energy levels steady and muscle cramps at bay.

Is that enough to be going on with?

The recipe, details of which are at the end of the post, is from the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who says …

Fruit smoothies make a really nutritious breakfast for kids and grown-ups alike … Kids will love to get involved with making these.

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