We all know that depriving yourself of a food you crave can lead to bingeing, so the next time the urge strikes, share the item you’re craving and immediately halve the calories … well, that’s assuming you share it equally, lol! For many folks, this also has the added benefit of having someone to hold you accountable.

Chocolate is good for us. You knew that … yes? Well, here’s the evidence from studies at the University of Reading (UK) …

Researchers have discovered that physical and emotional enjoyment, even in small doses, can enhance immune function for hours afterwards.

They believe that life’s small pleasures may have a cumulative effect in boosting the immune system over a long period.

And how did they test their theories? By subjecting people to the smell of chocolate.

[Conversely, unpleasant odours have a negative effect.] … potentially weakening resistance to disease …

Professor Warburton said: “Rather than worrying about whether or not you should be indulging in the things you enjoy doing, it is probably healthier just to get on with them, albeit within moderation.”


If you are familiar with a certain coffee shop’s holiday treat, the 16oz Peppermint Mocha with Soy Milk, did you know it contains more than 10 teaspoons of sugar? You might want to give this taste-alike smoothie recipe a go. Our sugar-free, taste-alike alternative is from Dr. Pragati at SimpleMedicine and is a healthy version of that coffee shop treat.


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