“Green smoothie…” What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase? What will it taste like? Vegetarian fad?  Rather have a scoop of ice cream.

In fact, green smoothies are one of the best meals we can have – healthy, filling, nutritious, quick to prepare. With a variety of flavors, depending on our choice and mix of ingredients. And they can be designed to fit in with almost any lifestyle or health need.

Many health conscious people like me are in the habit of making a new green smoothie each day, to experience a fresh energy kick from the leafy green smoothie ingredients bursting with healthy nutrition. I’ve been blending fruit and veggies to enjoy this amazing green smoothie experience, and without a shred of waste.

I came across a great example of an energy booster smoothie recipe – tasty green smoothie packed with veggies, fruits – from Oriana (at Mommyhood’s Diary). Here’s a Mom passionate about eating and cooking for her family.

She brings an amazing recipe… sweet tasting and delicious!!!

Green Protein Smoothie  –  A tasty green smoothie packed with veggies, fruits, and hemp protein… Perfect for beginners like me!

I have to admitted that I was kind of scare of green smoothies. Except for the ones made with pistachio ice cream LOL. No. Seriously.

Everybody knows that the shining stars of green smoothies are the leafy greens. In my mind greens belong in salad, not smoothies. But after we came back from our trip to Seattle I have been feeling greener, bohemian and liberal.

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