We need “essential” fatty acids for the good of our health…that’s why they are called “essential”!

The body can produce most of the fat it needs from our diet. However, the essential fatty acids (omega-3 ALA) cannot be produced in our bodies – it must be obtained from food we eat.

Some of the best sources of fatty acid are in smaller quantities in nuts, seeds, as well as in vegetables and whole grains. Good news for us, we can mix and create a delicious smoothie recipe – as well as helping to prevent illness.

The fatty acids (omega-3 ALA) benefits include

  • prevention of atherosclerosis
  • reduced incidence of:
    • heart disease
    • stroke
    • menstrual pain

Below we have a wonderful recipe to share from a lovely mother and yoga teacher (at Delectably Green) that keeps the family bond – shares the healthy life with her daughters.

The Author says…

There are so many fantastic variations and additions that can be whizzed up in a green smoothie.

If I’m off to a flying start with the day and forget to have breakfast then this is a perfect and much needed mid morning boost but most of all I love it as a little bit of green bliss after a yoga workout.

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