Here’s a tasty highly recommended recipe that to delight your tastebuds, helping make you feel less stressed. While we prefer to encourage use of only natural ingredients, this recipe does give you the option to add an extra protein boost. Result – a green smoothie packed with fiber, magnesium, protein and more.

For vegans, protein, which is of course the essential micronutrient for building and maintaining lean muscle mass, is often provided as a supplement. This healthy protein green smoothie delivers all the  nutrition needed to keep you satisfied through to your next meal.

This refreshing healthy green smoothie from Kathy (at – is so delicious that you will have a hard time believing that it is actually good for you!! Cheers!!


As Kathy has to say about her recipe…

Green smoothies are popular chatter on the wellness blogosphere for very good reason.

1) They are incredibly healthy and brimming with nutrient density.

2) They taste amazing when blended with ingredients you love…

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