Here’s a surprisingly delicious smoothie to kick start your day – a green smoothie good as either a snack or a meal replacement and either way great for keeping you full of energy. Its power-packed with healthy fruit and vegetable ingredients like, apple, grape, banana, pineapple and spinach.

By the way, the green smoothie habit is one which can transform your lifestyle to something much healthier, and it can last for a lifetime! This is the one healthy eating item which has been so enjoyable its been easy to keep going…

This delightful amazing green smoothie comes from Registered Nutritionist Kami ( Kami should know what she’s talking about…

I know the green color can be a little scary, endless blessings come from this power drink.

It’s enjoyable and sweet even though you’re eating tons of veggies, fiber, several vitamins and nutrients, and a nice energy boost for the day.

Sit back, smile, and enjoy your smoothie while your stomach and body thank you for all the nutritional goodness.

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