How do you get your family members who do not like spinach and avocado to take them? Especially since they are so good for us. Pineapple is excellent for ‘’disguising’ other flavors, lol! Meggan at CulinaryHill, used this tasty smoothie recipe to win her family over.

And BTW, this is another filling, delicious and healthy smoothie that fits within our healthy eating weight loss program.

When it comes to getting the family to eat or drink something they think they do not like, sometimes calling ‘a spade a spade’ is not the way to go. Meggan says it might help …

… if you change the name. In our house, we don’t call it a Green Smoothie … we call it Basketball Juice. That way, while Jim and CJ play basketball, I can provide a refreshing beverage under the guise of “refueling” for sporty reasons. CJ falls for it every time.

I love it, lol!


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