It’s the weekend … will you need this hangover busting recipe in a few short hours, lol? Gather the things together so they are handy when you need it. One tip I read previously was to have a nutrient-rich smoothie before going out and another when you get back. This is probably a great idea as it means you make enough for two smoothies while you don’t have a headache! Can you imagine what using the blender will do to your head when you feel a little rough? The recipe is from Christine Melanson at CiaoVeggie and the details are at the end if you are in a hurry to test it out.

Christine fills us in on an important ingredient in her hangover busting smoothie …

While I am usually a little blasé about the latest superfood obsessions, the in-vogue algae chlorella has totally made its way into my life. Why is chlorella special? It has the usual promises. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, all-natural, detoxifying, all those phrases that get thrown around so often they are starting to lose their meaning. But also, articles about chlorella keep referring to a Japanese study which proved that it can reduce hangover symptoms by 96% so … there’s that.

It seems that chlorella works some magic on your liver, helping it to clear your body of toxins and gross things extra fast. Crucial when you’re planning to paaaaarrrrtttaaaaaayyyyy ahem, slightly exceed the recommended guidelines for daily alcohol intake.

The very idea of something that can improve my relationship with wine is just too irresistible for me. I bought a big ol’ bag of the powder and ran with it.

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