Are you ready for a little smoothie adventure?

This butternut and apple smoothie is such a clever twist on what my family love as a soup! My recipe is very similar, with an apple but minus the banana. As I said, the family love it, but I never thought to try it as a smoothie.

The clever person who did is Grace at FoodFitnessFreshAir – you’ll find her recipe over the page. Grace says …

I’m all about going outside the traditional smoothie box, and I’m also all about squash, so it seemed like a perfect platform for experimentation.

… [deciding] upon butternut, loving its creaminess in soups that I often create with apples. I figured, why wouldn’t that be delicious iced and turned into a smoothie, too?

After testing out this smoothie several times, I finally came up with a recipe that’s a little weird, a little wild, yet totally straw-worthy and insanely refreshing.

Through my testing, I learned to save the oven for the squash soup, and stick to steaming for the smoothie. Steaming enables the squash to stay juicer and not as dense so you end up with a shake that has a nice light, whipped consistency.


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