Here’s a gorgeous green smoothie to shake you out of your smoothie rut.

Its from Jenn Laughlin (at Peas and Crayons) who points out that this Tropical Mango Kale smoothie is nutrient-packed and full of tasty tropical flavor! And different from almost every other one she makes!

One of my favorite things about smoothies is their infinite variety and customisability (is that a word?)

My smoothie game is uber spontaneous and I rarely re-create my blended bombshells a second time. I’ll always add something different like a new fruit, a boatload of veggies, or a bevvy of mix-ins like chia, hemp, flax, or protein powder. It’s simple enough, use up whatever is on hand and you’re sure to have endless smoothie combinations to slurp all Spring and Summer long. Until now.

Now I’m on a kale bender.

So read on Next Page for Jenn’s tasty & nutritious Tropical Mango Kale smoothie recipe…