Bloat makes you feel miserable so try this recipe from the Nutrition Twins to help restore a normal fluid balance and to flush out excess salt. (The recipe is at the end of the post.)

As well as helping relieve bloat, apple cider vinegar may help you lose weight, too. It seems it may interfere with the body’s ability to digest starch; less starch absorbed into the bloodstream means less chance of fat sticking to you.

A little before meals is recommended; just make sure you drink it diluted in a large glass of water to avoid the risk of damage to your throat.

The Nutrition Twins say their recipe starts with water for a very good reason …

Water’s the elixir of life. It regulates the bowel, cools your body through perspiration, flushes out toxins, and aids in digestion.

We want you to keep sipping this tasty drink during the day especially at those times when you want a healthy “system” reboot and a nice flush.

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