I just ran across this cool Fit for Thanksgiving smoothie recipe on greenblender.com (they have a huge range of healthy weight loss smoothie recipes). They give clear & concise nutrition info, then straight into the recipe itself.

Over the next few days I’ll share a few other Fit for Thanksgiving smoothie recipes, so “watch this space” – you’ll find all of these remarkably low in calories, but full of nutrition and super-tasty.

It’ll help fire up your creative juices so you can come up with your own variations for your family

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From the author on greenblender.com…

Cranberries and unsweetened cranberry juice have been proven to lower cholesterol and protect against urinary tract infections. Plus, they add a fantastic tartness without a lot of sugar.

Aside from being a good anti-inflammatory, ginger has been curing things like motion sickness and nausea for centuries.

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