Meal times can be a battleground of strong wills between many a parent and child. Who is going to win, you or them? I mean, it’s not as if you are trying to poison them … you just want to get healthy food down their throats!!!

Does that sound familiar? You are tired, too, by the end of the day and sometimes it’s just easier to give in and let them have those horrible processed chicken thingies, isn’t it?

Fussy eaters come in all shapes and sizes. I have a friend who tells the story of how her fairly-new-husband warned her he would not eat certain things they both enjoyed when his parents came to visit. He would not admit to his mother that he would now eat so many of the things she had tried for years to get him to eat!

There’s hope, Mom-of-a-fussy-eater! It’s just that sometimes we have to resort to subterfuge, lol! Like this healthy protein smoothie from Ciara Attwell writing at SuperHealthyKids, who says …

This quinoa smoothie made with greek yogurt and milk can add up to 8 grams of protein to a child’s diet. Quinoa is a “complete” protein source, meaning that it provides the majority of the essential amino acids our bodies need. It is also an excellent source of fibre and iron and is gluten free.

So, if you are tired of the daily struggles or maybe you just need something to give the kids an energy boost during the after-school activities rush, then try this tasty smoothie.


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