Spring is just around the corner but not quite here yet. I always find I’m tired at this point in the year. So an energizing smoothie is just what I need.

This delicious smoothie is from Daniel Pelegreen writing at YoungAndRaw. You’ll find all the details on the next page. Click the button below to go there.

Daniel explains that while blueberries are great for fighting inflammation and for the brain and the banana adds magnesium and sweetness – remember to get maximum sweetness from a banana you want one that is ripe and very spotty but not black – it’s the beets that boost the energy. He explains …

Beets are high in natural nitrates, which your body converts to nitric oxide. Studies have shown that nitric oxide is superb at increasing the efficiency of the mitochondria (your energy powerhouses).

OK, I confess … I had to look up ‘Mitochondria’ – *sigh* I need those blueberries to improve my memory, lol! (Because I learned about it in biology class and had forgotten. Thankfully I found an easy to understand kids version to help me, lol!)

The mitochondria are like tiny digestive systems within each cell that take in and break down nutrients to release energy.


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