Start your day off with all the fresh veggie nutrition you need!

Vegetables – a group of low-in-calorie foods and that means veggie consumption is unlikely to lead to weight gain – even if we over-eat them.

(Of course if they were fried or you added some cheese, batter etc.. the above statement may no longer apply.)

So how about a delicious, nutrient-dense smoothie filled with so many veggies that you’re free of guilt if you don’t see another veg that day! Customise it with optional add-ins and change the flavor into a more fruity treat if you prefer!

I found this gem that you can enjoy as your breakfast meal or as a later snack. This healthy smoothie is from Melissa (Treat’s with a Twist) who has developed an amazingly adaptable recipe with a wonderful flavor.

These smoothies pack in healthy vegetables, and each fruit has “amazing” ingredient, like avocado, flaxseeds or spinach, to deliver extra benefits.

As Melissa says…

The most nutrient-dense, veggie-packed blended treat you can enjoy for snacks or meals, getting your veggies in without even trying! Be brave and customize it to make something all your own!

What I love about making smoothies, is that they’re stress-free! You seriously just start adding what you know you love, and in the end you have an amazingly nutritious snack or meal.

It’s SO many veggies in one glass, you won’t even have to worry if you don’t see another vegetable for the whole day!

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