Fresh turmeric is not so common as the powdered version, but worth it if you can get a hold of it. It looks a lot like fresh ginger, just a little smaller, and if you can see the flesh it will be bright orange instead of the creamy color of ginger.

Why might you want to use turmeric? For it wide range of health benefits.

And how might you use turmeric?

It’s great in scrambled eggs, roasted veggies and a delicious addition to warm milk and honey along with some cinnamon to fight a cold. And, of course, add it to your smoothies! But don’t forget to add a pinch of pepper and make sure you have some healthy fat whenever you use it as these help the body to absorb it.

Kris at 80Twenty writes that …

… curcumin [is] a ferociously potent pharmacological agent that boasts MANY health benefits, including alleviating pain and reducing inflammation. Who doesn’t need that on a regular basis? It’s used most commonly to treat joint disorders, digestive problems, and to help protect the liver. And there’s also some evidence to suggest that it’s helpful in preventing and treating certain types of cancer.


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