Another tasty tropical smoothie to help us in our healthy eating, weight loss program. We’re building a collection of smoothie recipes to help us succeed!

On first reading this recipe you might dismiss it, thinking there is too much fat. However, fat is necessary is our diet, contrary to what we’ve been told for many years. It protects our vital organs, provides energy and is needed to enable us to absorb some essential nutrients.

But we want to be wise, choosing fats that work for our body and not against it. The healthy fats in avocado and coconut work for us. Although we do have to be careful not to have too much or we will gain weight instead of losing it.

You can save some calories by using low-fat coconut milk in the recipe, if you wish. However, it is the full-fat coconut milk that makes it filling, as fat is filling. Coconut fat is also different from other fats in that it increases the rate of metabolism, thus helping us lose weight. (When used sensibly as part of a healthy eating program.]
Our recipe is from Cara Lyons writing at CleanEatingMag. Cara says this is a …

Life-Altering Green Smoothie … [She asks, are you] Looking to incorporate more greens into your diet but don’t have the time? … [the genius of this smoothie is] … It’s prepared almost entirely in advance and frozen in individual bags.


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