We have a new recipe for you at the end of the post, but first … Did you know that the most beneficial health-giving compound in citrus fruits is often discarded? Herperidin, which studies have shown lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and have strong anti-inflammatory properties, are found in the peel and the inner white layer and not in the juicy inner segments. And what do we do with all this? We throw it away!

So perhaps with this knowledge, we should change our habits. I know the pithy inner white part can taste bitter, but when we use small, easy-peel citrus like mandarins, tangerines, clementines etc., where this layer is thin, we should just throw the whole thing in the blender. That way we’ll maximise the good chemicals our bodies use, for almost no extra calories.

Has anyone ever tried that? I have some on the counter at the moment so perhaps I’ll try it later.

This recipe is from Kelly at ThePrettyBee who loves smoothies, but put off adding greens for a long time. She decided citrus was a good way to go to help the flavor and says …

I don’t even know why it was so hard for me to overcome my fear of green drinks … [so] I started out just adding a handful of fresh spinach to my smoothies, and that was very good. I couldn’t taste the spinach, I felt like I was getting a little more iron in my drink, I was very proud of myself. Then I decided I should try to add kale and see how that went.

To my surprise, it went very well!

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