The best way to cool down on a hot day? I never would have believed it: Eat something spicy!

I remember the first time I had a spicy meal on a hot day. It wasn’t my choice – I never would have tried it as I remember how hot I was feeling. But I was surprised how effective it was at cooling me down. I still find it surprising, but really like it now days.

Why does it work? I found an answer by Joseph Erdos in the Huffington Post. He said …

Have you ever wondered why cultures in the hottest locations on earth eat hot and spicy foods? Why is it that people in Central and South America, India, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean eat foods flavored with hot chile peppers and spices that make you sweat? There is a reason, and it’s actually pretty smart when you think about it — spicy foods make you sweat, which in turn helps you cool down faster. It’s as simple as that!

You can read more about it in the links at the end of the post.

So, to help cool you down on a hot summer day, try this Spicy Tomato Smoothie.

I wonder … does an ice cold spicy drink work even more effectively? What do you find?


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