Bebidas detox: smoothies, zumos, batidos y licuados

This morning I found this hugely interesting detox smoothie recipe from Patricia Palmos ( where she explains the benefits of cleansing the digestive system. She also gives 3 detox drink recipes…

1. Liquefied multi-fruit with vegetables
2. Oat milk smoothie fruit and vegetables
3. Detox smoothie pineapple, cucumber, lemon and dates

My favorite is below.

BTW, the original article is in Spanish, but you can have your browser translate it into English too.

You can scroll on down to the next page to check out the recipe if you like. Here’s how Patricia describes it…

This detox smoothie will help you cleanse your body, eliminate toxins and lose weight. Takes just 5 minutes to prepare, is highly nutritious and yummy!

Curiously, the dates are used as a sweetener instead of sugar to make the smoothie detox more attractive to the palate.

Now check out the recipe on the Next Page…