I truly love to have a full scale holiday feast, and I drink green smoothies for a great way to add more fresh produce to my diet. Helps me lose any extra toxins that affect my body and regain my balance and appetite.

Smoothies also give me a boost of nutrition – which is sometimes lacking during the festivities – from the fresh fruits and vegetables.

I’ve found myself relying more and more on easy and healthy detox smoothie recipes like these to keep me energized throughout the year.

As Lindsay says…

This smoothie is what I’ve been making over the last few days in between the few holiday-ish recipes that I’ve been trying out, which are coming to you soon and they are really delicious LIKE WHOA. But I just need one or two more days to get them ready.

It seriously tastes like a delightfully juicy green apple, sipped through a straw.

I love it so much!

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