There are a ton of recipes here on showing you how to make healthy smoothies to kick-start your day, or throughout your day as snacks, or meal-replacements.

But if you’re on the hunt for another tasty shake great for weight loss, don’t miss this easy and incredible recipe from David Zinczenko! (New York Times bestselling author, and ABC News nutrition and wellness editor.)

So delicious, so simple to make, only 232 calories, and designed as part of David’s “ultimate program for making your gut disappear”.

This smoothie is most effective taken immediately after exercise – since its a “blended smoothie designed to complement natural weight loss and lean muscle gain”.

According to David  studies have shown high-protein, low-fat smoothies to be highly effective at delivering nutrients to your muscles, and that blended fruit drinks – smoothies, which include all the fiber – will actually keep you fuller longer than drinking just fruit juices.

In his “Zero Belly Diet”, David claims he can help folks “lose 16lbs in 14 days”, and that one of the secrets is – smoothies!

Its like dessert for breakfast… 90 seconds nutrition right here…

This is a strawberry banana smoothie – with only 232 calories, packed with fiber, lean protein, and its got a little heathy fat in it.

This is one of the greatest ways to lose weight. Give it a try.


You’ll find the recipe for his favorite – the Strawberry Banana Smoothie on the Next Page – link below…