We are always being told smoothies contain too much sugar, even though most of it is natural sugar. So as a remedy we present this avocado and cucumber smoothie recipe.

Cucumbers are a great summer fruit – fruit because they come from the flower and contain the seeds. (Yes, i know, I always thought of them as vegetable, too.) Not only is eating them a great way to stay hydrated in summer due to their high water content, they are also excellent for relieving sunburn.

A quick tip for removing cucumber seeds:

If you wish to remove the seeds, that is!

Cut them in half along their length and using a small spoon scrape it down the center to remove the seeds. If you do not have a small spoon handy, cut each half again down the length; the seeds will be more exposed and you can take a knife down them without losing the body of the fruit.

Fresh parsley and cilantro can look alike, but one sniff and you can tell the difference. Cilantro is also stronger in flavor, however, parsley is higher in nutrients. So ring the changes in this smoothie for nutritional benefit.

The recipe is from ReneeNicolesKitchen and Renee says …

Buttery avocado, crisp cucumber, earthy cilantro, and bright lime juice combine to make this cucumber avocado smoothie a great way to start your day.


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