Cranberries are not just for Christmas, lol! Thanks to freezers we can have them all year round.

This tasty recipe comes from Jocelyn at GrandbabyCakes. Jump to the next page if you are in a hurry to get the recipe. (But we’ve got a few tips to help sweeten it, so might want to be patient and read on, lol!)

However, there is often a love-hate relationship with them as they are soooo tart. A few ways around this are:

  1. Use naturally (extra) sweet oranges;
  2. Make sure your banana is really spotty and ripe which will add extra sweetness;
  3. OK, I give in … maybe I’ll sometimes need a little maple syrup, too, lol! (I’m trying to train my palate to require less sugar, even natural sugars.)

I’ve augmented the recipe slightly to include some oats for healthy protein, which helps prevent a sugar spike. Plus a little extra help in sweetening it by way of a few dates.

Jocelyn is not usually a fan of cranberries. She says …

I am the one that continues passing the cranberry sauce around the table at Thanksgiving without ever partaking in any. It is just a bit too tart for me on its own. Once I added them to [a] cake recipe, I started singing a new tune. I also realized how bright the citrus tones could shine against the tartness.


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