If you are not a breakfast person and just like a coffee in the morning but know you really should be having more, then give this smoothie a try.

The original recipe uses protein powder, but whenever I see that in a smoothie recipe I want to switch it for some healthy protein with teeth – well, at least some fiber, lol! While protein powders can be very convenient, they are not so friendly on the wallet, nor do they offer the same health benefits as ‘real’ nutrients in our food.

Try this instead: pumpkin seeds for healthy fats that protect your heart and brain plus oats for soluble fiber that will make you feel full and keep you going till lunch.

Lisa at GarnishWithLemon gives us the recipe and recommends using good quality coffee. She says …

… the coffee flavor shines through, so it’s important to use the best. Simply start by brewing [coffee], let it cool and then add the other ingredients in the blender. It combines breakfast and my favorite morning beverage all into one. I’d say that’s a win-win all around.

TIP: If you do not get through so many hot drinks in the summer months then keep a pot of coffee in the refrigerator. That way it is on hand for making coffee smoothies (or coffee desserts!)


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