This delicious coconut strawberry rhubarb smoothie is from Dani at TheAdventureBite and the recipe is over the page, at the end of the post.

Rhubarb is not something I have very often. The very mention of it sent me on a trip down memory lane … Were you given a stalk of rhubarb as a child with a paper cone of sugar and taught to dip it? Even with the sugar I can remember the contortions of my face when eating it, lol! I was never allowed to pick the rhubarb but always had to ask an adult to do it. I’d always assumed it because I wasn’t allowed to handle the knife to cut off the large leaves. However, I’ve since discovered the leaves are poisonous and can make you very ill, so maybe that was really the reason.

Anyway, the added sweetness from the berries and the banana should cut through the rhubarb’s natural sharpness. And if you still find it too tangy, add a little honey or maple syrup


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