I’ve not had a green smoothie for a week or more. I plan to make this the first one I have when I get a new supply of greens.

In an effort to reduce waste, not to mention save money, I’ve been trying to make sure I use what I already have in the refrigerator before going off to get fresh supplies. I’m fed up finding things days later that I forgot were there because they were hidden under the new stuff! I hate it when things start to go off and I never want to use them when they are floppy and dried out.

So for this reason I have not yet tried this delicious-sounding smoothie … but I will very soon!

The recipe comes from Kate at SimplySavoryByKate; details at the end. Kate says that the combination of fruit …

… really make a totally sweet blend, so if you’re feeling like you need a little pick me up … take a few minutes to whip yourself up this healthy and delicious taste of the tropics. You’ll be feeling happier in just a few sips!


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