The weather outside might be freezing, yet that doesn’t mean you need to feel chilly all day.

Probably you notice that your refreshingly cool smoothies don’t have the same appeal during a cold weather? Give your smoothies a healthy makeover by serving them hot. It’s not as strange as it sounds.

You can kick off the chilly weather by preparing hot green smoothies that will immediately warm up your morning – like this amazing hot green smoothie recipe from Nicky (at Kitchen Sanctuary) Filled with healthy ingredients, irresistibly creamy texture and wonderful winter spices.

According to Nicky, she’s …

…already been doing some experimentation and has found that your typical fruit/veg smoothies don’t really work with creamy additions such as almond milk or banana when it comes to hot smoothies. I tried them, but they reminded me of hot sickly sludge.

So the flavour combinations I’m going to be looking at will be either:

  • Juicy/refreshing/spicy with a hint of sweet – and these ones will be light smoothies that aren’t thick enough to make you feel you’re just drinking soup through a straw.
  • Creamy, warming, malty, filling smoothies that you can enjoy whilst knowing you’re still giving your body what it needs to make you feel great.

So let’s kick off with good ‘ole original green.

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