Whether you are enjoying warm sunny weather where you live or dreaming of sunshine, this bright, sunny, sunshine-yellow, citrus tropical smoothie is just what we need.

This is a very fruity smoothie, so if you are diabetic or just concerned about a sugar spike after drinking it we have the solution: half the fruit, add half a cup of wholegrains like oats or quinoa and 2 tablespoons of flax seeds or chia seeds for their healthy fat content. This will help prevent a spike in blood sugar levels. (You can also throw in some greens to fit in some extra veggies. OK, I know this completely changes the recipe, but that’s the way of smoothies, isn’t it?)

Note however, we always recommend you consult your healthcare professional if you require advice. Go armed with the information from our post 5 Strategies for Smoothies for Diabetics and they will confirm if the advice is suitable for your circumstances.

Back to the recipe which is from Samantha at FiveHeartHome – you’ll find the details are at the end of the post, as always. Samantha alternates family favorites, but says that these …

… have quickly become a new family favorite! The toddler guzzled hers down and my boys were not only excited to try something new, but they raved about it when they did. Yup…suffice it to say we’ve got a brand new, vitamin-packed smoothie to enthusiastically add to the rotation!


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