This tasty citrus and honey lassi smoothie is a remake of one we posted recently from Liren at KitchenConfidante. Today’s recipe is over on the next page. The earlier recipe was Honey n Lemon Lassi Smoothie for 175 Calories

I was rather pleased with the variation. I wanted a slightly sweeter smoothie without 2-4 tablespoons of honey as the original recipe asked for. So I used sweet oranges instead of half the lemons. I kept some lemons in to help with the citrus-y flavor.

If you require a more filling smoothie to replace a meal, then my usual suggestion is to use 2% or full fat yogurt. Or you could add a tablespoon or two of oats and some healthy fat like avocado, seeds or nuts.

As the recommendation for a meal replacement smoothie is 300-400 calories, you have 75-175 to play with.


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