You can buy fresh and frozen strawberries all year round. However, once they come into season locally they are unbeatable. Fresh, local strawberries are delicious. Some folks love them dipped in sour cream and then dark brown sugar for a lovely caramelized flavor.

Another popular option is to dip them in melted chocolate. Mmm!

But let me tell you how to get your strawberry and chocolate fix without the added calories … this tasty smoothie! It has a fraction of the calories and is much more filling.

The recipe is from GreenBlender where the author says …

Swiss chard and banana blend beautifully and provide a boost of nutrients (vitamin K, potassium and fiber, to name a few). Besides being the sugar-free way to enjoy the taste of chocolate, cacao powder is high in fiber, iron, magnesium, antioxidants, and may even have antidepressant effects!


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