This recipe from Aimee at WallflowerKitchen, though strictly not a smoothie recipe, is a great healthy alternative to the purchased chocolate milk that most kids love. OK, it’s not just kids who love it, lol!

It’s made by the same easy process as for most other nut milks. Simply soak the nuts overnight, drain and discard the water, rinse the nuts and add fresh water to you blender with the (few) other ingredients and blend until smooth. Strain through a nut bag, muslin or cheesecloth, squeezing tightly to get all the milk. You then have chocolate hazelnut milk, sometimes called Nutella milk, plus the pulp which can be used in smoothies or baking.

Aimee suggests …

The milk can be kept in a container in the fridge or up to 5 days. And you know that leftover pulp?

Why not make some cookies (you can make them baked or raw) or brownies, chocolates or even dry and grind it into a powder/flour!


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