This healthy green smoothie recipe (from Caroline at uses 1 little granny smith apple – which contains less sugar than other varieties. Since the apples are not so “creamy” in texture as a pear or mango, this smoothie might require a little less water.

You can thank the fresh leafy baby spinach for the wonderful lime green hue of this smoothie. The spinach gives this green smoothie a boost of nutrients. Combine spinach with fresh fruit, and you can have a super smooth blend, rich in fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants, creamy, and slightly sweet

Have children who don’t want to eat their healthy vegetables? This is a great way to sneak the healthy veggies inside this delightful glass of delicious green smoothie.

Also, its a must try green smoothie to beat the heat. As Caroline says…

While it’s still blistering hot in South Carolina, that isn’t stopping me from enjoying the beautiful flavors of the season.

This Apple Pie Smoothie is just the ticket! It’s tart, creamy and perfectly refreshing.

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