This Cantaloupe Melon Slim-down Smoothie from Alissa at can be sweetened a little by substituting honeydew melon for extra-yummy goodness – but cantaloupe is more nutritionally dense and will be more help to you if you want to “slim-down”!

Cucumber and melon combo? Does this remind you of anything, especially the scent? It brought back memories of the Bath and Body Works scent which was wildly popular with Alissa & her friends at high school!

Strange there’s not more nutritional or medicinal data available on cucumber, since its one of the most widely-farmed vegetables in the world. But according to Alissa…

Health highlight of cucumbers:

What we do know is that cucumbers have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Which is awesome news since these are vitally important to long term health and wellness.


…this smoothie is refreshing, sweet and delectable. So perfect for a (summer) afternoon pick-me-up!! If you are having a BBQ or get together this would be a lovely drink to serve, you could even fancy it up with a little sparkling water, which would be wonderful in here!!


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