Here we go again, lol! I love coconut and mango! I think it’s a great combo.

This was an interesting smoothie for me, though, as I’d never thought to add chamomile tea to any of my recipes before reading this one. The recipe is from Sherrie Castellano at WithFoodAndLove and Sherrie says …

I infused [my smoothie] with botanical flowers and drizzled it [with] honey. Because I like camomile a lot. And I like to add it to cocktails and cream soda [too] …

This is a filling recipe and could easily replace a meal, if you wish. And even as a snack, mid-morning or when the ‘munchies’ hit you in the afternoon, this tasty recipe will fill the gap nicely.

You could substitute coconut milk beverage and shed a bucket load of calories. Unfortunately you would shed a bucket load of nutrition, too. So it’s much better to go with the ‘real’ deal, full-fat coconut milk and take a small glass. You can also check where to buy it in glass instead of cans or cartons.


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