I’m not judging anyone here! This Breakfast Smoothie Blaster from NutriBullet (nutriliving.com) is built on de-stressing ingredients that will help hydrate you – as well as reducing nausea and headache.

Its fiber-rich ingredients and detoxifying greens should help your digestion recover and keep your weight loss on track.

Here’s what NutriBullet says…

It’s got just the ingredients you need:

  • coconut water will help you rehydrate, restoring lost electrolytes, while…
  • banana will help replenish lost potassium due to alcohol’s diuretic effects
  • Ginger reduces feelings of nausea and motion sickness
  • Oats will give you that final energy boost you’ll need to fight off morning fatigue

And even if your night out wasn’t that hectic, this Blast still makes an excellent breakfast, filling you up without weighing you down.

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