This energy boosting mango and cashew nut smoothie recipe from is Ella’s “absolute favourite” at present. Mangos are readily available throughout the year in most places around the US. It’s dead simple to make, as well as wonderfully nutritious and delectably delicious.

Just great to kick-start your day with a zing and feel the energy flow as you sip away!

Ella includes some super tips on the way to her blended beverage…Check out the recipe below and let me know if you like it too…

According to Ella…

The mango and banana blend together to make something incredibly sweet and creamy, the spinach then blends in subtly to add tons of goodness while also turning the whole thing a beautiful vibrant green.

I also add cashews to increase the thickness to make it taste a little milkshake-like, and also to boost the protein levels so that I’m energised all day, and finally a squeeze of lime to spice it up a little.

As the liquid you can use either water, almond milk or coconut water, they’re all equally awesome so use whatever is easiest for you – almond milk is the creamiest though, so it’s probably my favourite.