Amazingly creamy and sweet, this clean green smoothie Breakfast Blaster gives you a protein punch when you need it most – getting started in the morning. It’ll also help with re-hydrating, so its a cracker of a combination when you’re rushing to get out the door.

This cool recipe is from NutriBullet ( – where they share a TON of healthy weight loss smoothie ideas) – you’ll find great new ideas for your own smoothie recipes.

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To quote NutriBullet…

Start your day with this nutrient-packed mega-Blast!

You’ll feel a powerful jolt of antioxidants feeding your body the energy it needs to get through the day.

You’ll love it because of how it makes you feel – and the kids will love it because of its sweet, satisfying taste.

Call it the Green Monster and your kids will gobble it right up!

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