Some of the best foods to alleviate low energy and PMS are, or can be, mainstays in our smoothies. You expected me to say that didn’t you, lol!

We have a low energy and PMS alleviating Banana Chocolate Cashew SMOOTHIE recipe, and if you just want the recipe then jump to page 3 for it. However, if you want to hear my friend’s story and get some more info on what foods can alleviate low energy and PMS then read on …


Do You Permanently Lack Energy?

My friend struggled to cope with her three energetic children, all under five. She felt the added pressure of her daughter’s birthday party today – wishing she didn’t have to do it and knowing she was the world’s worst mom because she felt like that! So what are friends for if not to step in and help.

However, that is not enough when you seem to permanently lack energy, feeling constantly tearful and blue. Am I depressed? Is it because I’m anemic? Is it just PMS? Will it ever end or this the way it has to be for the next 30 years? Aaaagh!


A Healthy Diet? … NOT!

My friend was eating lots of sugary snacks thinking they would give her energy and not realising they did the opposite. A deficiency of B-Vitamins, for example, can make you tired and be caused by those sugary snacks. Add to that the extra glass of wine she takes to help her relax once the babies are in bed. And then there’s the processed foods she uses because they are quicker than trying to find the time to cook from scratch when the kids are fussing or screaming by the end of the afternoon. All doing their bit to drag her down.

Note: while we aim to give useful advice, we are not medical professionals. If you have symptoms that persist, contact your doctor to check there are no underlying issues requiring medical attention.


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