After visiting a geothermal spa in Iceland, Claire Jessiman, the Foodie Quine from Aberdeen, Scotland, was inspired to make this delicious blueberry smoothie. You’ll find the details on the next page.

The recipe uses the Icelandic yogurt Skyr which is like a cross between Greek yogurt and milk kefir. It is made with skim milk and is considered a cheese in Iceland, not a yogurt.

Skyr is high in protein and calcium, low in fat and also rich in probiotics therefore it is good for the gut, providing lots of the healthy bacteria it needs to function well. There are lactose-free versions as well as full-fat ones. So you may need to be careful to choose the correct one for you.

Now, back to Claire and her website. You may be wondering what a foodie ‘quine’ is, so here’s Claire’s explanation of the title of her website …

Foodie – foody [?fu:di] Someone greatly (even excessively) interested in the preparation and consumption of good food. Epicure, Gastronome, Gourmet, Bon Vivant


Quine – quean (Scottish Doric dialect) a young woman, girl or daughter. A female person from Aberdeen/shire

And for your interest, a young man is a ‘loon’. Loons and quines / boys and girls, sons and daughters.


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