This is a tasty and slightly tangy smoothie from Laura Wright at TheKitchn. (The recipe is over the page.) If you want to reduce the tang then make sure your banana is ripe to add more sweetness.

I never used to eat seeds – they were for the birds! After starting to include them in my smoothies, and noticing the difference each variety made, I now do eat them. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how tasty and how different they are! (So that’ll teach me not to generalize … well, probably not, lol!)

I discovered hemp hearts a few months back and love them, too. So much so, I have to be careful not to just dip the spoon into the packet whenever I’m in the kitchen, lol!

Laura tells us about hemp hearts …

… which are mellow and nutty in flavor, but huge on benefits. They’re a great source of omega fatty acids, a complete protein (which is great for vegetarians/vegans), and have been known to assist with sugar cravings and bouts of extreme hunger.


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