It’s so important for our bodies to have healthy green vegetables every day. But many of us skip them (yes, I do too) because … well, we just don’t like them! Green smoothies help disguise those ‘nasty greens’ so we don’t notice we’re eating them, yet we still get all the benefits our bodies require to live fit, healthy, busy lives.

If you are new to green smoothies, trying to introduce your children to them or just do NOT like the leafy flavor of them, then try this recipe from Laura Fuentes. I’m sure this super recipe will change your mind.

Laura says …

Considering how difficult it is to eat enough vegetables in our diet, drinking my green smoothie makes me feel like I’ve accomplished a health goal for the day. I realize that every day we have a choice to eat good for us foods or not, and I like feeling good about my choices.

Some tips from Laura:

  • Unsweetened almond milk is good, but you can use ordinary milk or orange juice, however just using water as your liquid will not disguise the greens flavor;
  • Start with one handful of greens if you think you won’t like a green smoothie, adding more as you get accustomed to the taste;
  • A smoothie always tastes better when it’s really cold, so using frozen fruit does the job without diluting the flavor.

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