Many of us too easily slip into less healthy eating habits at this time of year. From the caramel apples of fall to christmas cookies, we face tasty temptations everywhere. And on top of that, comfort food cravings are strongest in winter…The challenge to keep to our healthy meal plan is as great as at any other season!

So let me encourage you with this simply delicious green smoothie recipe…

I never cease to be amazed how you can squeeze so many nutrient-rich healthy foods into a single drink, and have it taste wonderful.

So if your kids won’t eat their fruit and veggies – and some leafy lettuces probably have a tendency to make your kids turn up their nose – then we know they blend beautifully into a smoothie that kids readily drink down and finish with a satisfied smile.

Here’s a magical recipe for a green smoothie your kids are gonna love. It’s from Becky (from Milo and Oats) who shares a simple healthy green smoothie that is easy to prepare and has a great fruity taste!

I decided it would be a good time to share another smoothie recipe with you.

Why? Well, I love a yummy treat as much as the next girl, however sometimes it’s good to be a little kinder to our bodies.

It’s a great way to get a variety of fruits and veggies into the kiddos….and their mama.


See the Next Page for Becky’s Totally Tropical Green Smoothie Recipe… Enjoy!